Hilary Duff- Chasing the Sun (Official Video)

🍴🍕 (at Apotekarns Trädgård)

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⚽️⚽️ (at Swedbank Stadion, Malmö)

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Little day trip to Copenhagen ✔️ (at Nyhavn)

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🍕The absolute coolest pizzeria - like ever. (at Tångdala Lönnkrog)

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Ariana Brown & Arati Warrier - “Invisible” (CUPSI 2014)

"Before I know who is worthy, I have already opened my mouth for them."

A beautiful group piece from UT Austin, champions of this year’s College Unions Poetry Slam Invitational.

“I get the tingles in a silly place.”

Colbie Caillat, Bubbly (via onceuponawildflower)

Title: Bubbly
Artist: Colbie Caillat
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Colbie Caillat | Bubbly

Shakira performing at the FIFA World Cup closing ceremonies (2006, 2010, 2014)

World cup 2014 brazil.

“You have the rest of your life to be married. Enjoy falling in love. When girls get caught up in the timeline, it becomes more about the wedding than the marriage. You should be with someone with whom you could elope this weekend and be happy.”

Lauren Conrad (via handcrafted-in-germany)

Title: Bow Down (Description)
Artist: Beyoncé
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bringing this back


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TMI with Nicole Richie